Waste Week


We have taken part in Waste Week in Year 6 by re-using plastic bottles to plant herbs for our Outdoor Classroom.

What other ways have you ‘Reduced, Reused or Recycled’ this week?


24 thoughts on “Waste Week

  1. EDu

    I have helped mum put the right rubbish in the right bin. Also I have reused plastic bottles instead of buying a new drink when we go to Kung fu.

  2. DT

    We recycled plastic bottles, instead of buying plant pots when we planted herbs. When we use paper we put it in the paper bin.

  3. Lm

    This week we planted herbs in old plastic bottles to save buying plant pots from stores. This is called reusing. It is important to reuse because it saves the environment.

  4. FH

    Over the past few weeks we have been working and learning about waste and how we can use it again. One rule that you should follow to help our community is to put the right rubbish in the right bin. Make sure you put glass in the brown bin,cardboard in the blue bin and grass in the green bin.Always use the bins so it is easier for people to collect.

    Thank You

  5. MB

    I have thrown plastic bottles in the brown bin. I helped my mum gardening and threw the grass in the green.

    Be Eco! From Max

  6. OK

    Plastic bottles have been re-cycled by me to help the environment. Also at school we have re-used many pieces of paper. Please help save the fantastic world!

  7. E.P

    I have reused a button that I found on the floor and sewed it on to my coat which needed an extra button. Also, I gave clothes to charity so they don’t go to waste in the bin. I reused a bottle to drink out of.

  8. T.K

    This week plastic bottles have been reused by the class. I didn’t put them in the bin and drank out of them again, also I helped my grandma sort the rubbish into the right bin.

  9. TR

    For waste week we made plant pots from plastic bottles. They were for planting herbs in our outdoor garden. To help with waste week I reused my own plastic bottles; I refilled a coke bottle with lemonade to drink.

  10. Ow

    We recycled plastic bottles by cutting holes in them , filling them with soil and planting herbs in them (I enjoyed doing this).

  11. MH

    We have been using plastic bottles for planting seeds instead of using plant pots and saving money.we will wash the mint and then we will eat it. We are trying to save money and the environment by using plastic bottles

  12. CM

    This week at my band (which is very Eco-friendly) a recycling bin has been used to re-use many plastic tubes/cartoons ; it has transformed the environment. What have you done to help the world?

  13. IM

    This week I have been recycling. Usually I would put a plastic packets into the bin in my house, but this week I have been putting them in the right bin. I had so much fun recycling this week.

  14. IB TJ AS SA

    We have been reusing plastic bottle to plant herbs and we are going to hang them on our school fence to grow.
    What would you plant in your plastic bottle?

  15. Mt

    I reused a doll’s shoe as a stand for my pencil. Also my friend used a pencil case as a purse on our shopping trip.

  16. P.G

    This week I have remembered to tell my mum and dad to recycle anything that needs to go in the blue,black,green and brown.

  17. EDI

    I helped my dad by reminding him to put his litter in the recycle bin when he was about to put it in the normal bin. This is very helpful as lots of people don’t recycle.

    Thank you for your support

  18. IH

    This week I have been helping my family with recycling and putting my rubbish in the right bins. How do you think you have been helping your family?

  19. HD

    For waste week I re-used plastic bottles to put in herbs: rosemary and mint. Also I have been re-cycling more often than usual. Have you been re-cycling?

  20. g.johns

    Great points made Y6. I think your ideas are fab. Keep on blogging – it’s a great way to share ideas.

    Mrs J


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