Year 6 Homework 27th March 2015- The Giant’s Necklace


You have worked hard this week planning and writing your mystery stories based on ‘The Giant’s Necklace’ story. For your homework, we would like you to use the blog to share some of the skills you have learnt. Please write a setting description of the beach where the character Cherry was making her ‘Giant’s Necklace’.

It needs to be between 100 and 200 words and try to include your writing targets. Some of you may want to challenge yourselves and write a description which changes from a positive atmosphere to a negative one, like in the story. Remember you are not writing the whole story!

We are looking forward to reading your descriptions,

Mrs Gamston and Mr Rigby

20 thoughts on “Year 6 Homework 27th March 2015- The Giant’s Necklace

  1. FH

    As I was walking around the warm sand beach (looking for shells) I realised the tide coming closer and closer.It was almost if it was trying to catch me.The breeze was beautiful,more beautiful than the grass swaying in the summer wind.Sounds of the sea waves almost nearly persuaded me to take a swim in that lovely shade of blue.In the background was nothing,nothing but silence.It seems like a very strange day I said to myself quietly.

  2. SA

    The yellow, faceless head was shining in the crystal waters as shells were gathered by Cherry. Every last grain of sand would cook your feet like a barbecue on a clear, summers day. It was perfect. No weightless cloud could be seen, no drops of rain could be spotted. Only the bright, blue sea and a (shockingly bright) sunshine. Nothing could spoil the smell of fresh sea air, not forgetting the calls of seagulls screeching at each other. What could go wrong. Only then did a cloud appear from its slumber spoiling all the fun like it was ruining a party, then more and even more gathering above this amazing scene. All was quiet until a fight occurred; the sky was angry. For sure everyone would have ran to get heat from their loving homes?… all did except one.

  3. IH

    It was quiet,maybe too quiet. Cherry was collecting her shells not noticing the weather. The clouds were gathering above her,the rain started pouring and the sea was getting rapid. Suddenly, the waves crashed against the rocky shore where all of the best shells were kept; so cherry ran to the shore. The waves laughed and screamed as cherry was no longer visable…

  4. MT

    The sea was beautiful ;the shores were gently splashed by the calm lull of the waves rolling in from the Atlantic many miles away.The sky was silent only to be interrupted occasionally by a sharp seagull squawk .
    There were no clouds on this very day but still the temperature was ever going south, the sea showing its mighty roar but surprisingly none of these attributes were seen by the girl ;whose necklace was by far, long enough.

  5. P.G

    The sea water was dancing so lovely, as well as sparkling prettily. Silky, smooth sand was as bright as the powerful sun rising up in the morning. As the colourful, blue water rushed onto the shore, it hurried back out like someone late for catching a red bus. The shining shells, which could blind someone, glistened as they catch the sun, while sunbathing on the sand. The green, slimy seaweed gets chomped up by the hungry sea.

    All you could hear was the singing of the sea as well as taste the saltiness in your mouth. You smell the revolting seaweed, doing the tango under your nose. The shiny rock pools make you slip, every time you put your hand on them. Boats are seen jumping the large waves, like Jessica Ennis vaulting up clear of the high pole.

  6. IB

    The morning was as warm as ever on the holiday. As the waves gently rolled onto the shore, the glistening sand, the golden sand shimmered in the sun. These was crystal clear same as the sky, which was blue.

    The angry clouds multiplied like big puffs of smoke. Crowds of the sea began to surround her. The towering cliffside was being hammered by the waves. The ferocious winds helped the waves increase power and size.

  7. IM

    At first it was a sunny and calm atmosphere. There wasn’t a single cloud to be seen. The sky was as clear as crystal waters. As you could probably tell, the weather was absolutely perfect. Slowly the clouds [ that came out of no-where ] started rolling in.

    Then the scariness began.

    A great big herd of grey ghosts surrounded and covered the sky. It was no longer a sunny and calm atmosphere, now it was dark and scary. Then an enormous gathering of black clouds, from all different sides of the sky, collided together to make a bundle of what looked like black smoke. No-one would have liked to be in a place with this beast.

  8. TR

    Waves splashed on the sandy shore. The bright blue sky was clear on the beach;it was the best weather for months. However, slowly, dark menacing clouds crept over the long coast. Still people played and laughed by the dangerous rocks. All that was heard was the laughter; joyful play; seagulls squacking and waves crashing on the shell filled floor. It was the perfect atmosphere for tourists. Surfers riding the waves-they were at least 15 feet high-like they are nothing, while others just enjoy sun bathing. Sand castles scattered the beach around groups of children. The sweet aroma of chips floated across the beach from the cafes around. The slight taste of sea salt filled peoples mouths while they sat by the sea. A great day out for anyone was almost certain.

  9. Alec

    The beach was hidden from the path at the top of the steep cliff. The path to the beach was hard to find because very few people used it. It was a long steep walk through the bracken down to the secret beach. In Spring and Summer, the path was lined with wild flowers with bees and other insects buzzing around. However, the trees which were twisted and bent by the hurricane force winds show how cruel the weather can be.

    The sand was grey with a yellowish tinge. It was gritty and rough when you walked barefoot or the wind swept it into your face. At one end of the beach beyond some large rocks, which made deep rock pools, was a smaller beach. The tall, dark cliff rose steeply out of the rough sand. Halfway up the cliff was the pitch black entrance to a cave.

  10. MB

    Sand. Just sand. The tide was like blue tigers, stalking the sea. The mountains were as high as the world. There was no life, just an empty beach full of shells. Cherry, a young and determined girl, only needed 124 more shells, which hopefully shouldn’t take long to get. It was indeed a desolate area, with only the sounds of the roaring sea to keep her company. A parade of grey clouds hovered over her head accompanied by lashings of rain and heavy winds. Something in the back of her mind was telling Cherry that she should go home but she stayed regardless of the oncoming storm…..

  11. Amber

    A calm breeze blew softly over the sun kissed sand. Nothing was rushed, everywhere was calm. Although there was nothing for them to eat, the seagulls swooped and soared over Boat Cove. The waves rippled towards the sand, lightly touching it. There was one girl sat collecting shells on the beach; but she didn’t notice the rolling grey clouds come closer and closer every few minutes.

    The light was fading as the day went on, and so did the amount of shells that Cherry (the girl) needed to collect for her giants necklace. The waves crept towards her as the day went on and suddenly they were no longer rippling, they crashed against the rocks and threw the poor girl into the ocean…

  12. CM

    Cherry (who was intrigued in her search) didn’t notice the the big pounding waves, slowly drifting amongst the sandy rocky beach.Wind was howling like a poor, defenseless dog whimpering over a sore leg.

    Then the waves crashed.

    They were banging along the grey rocks ; they were not stopping. Still now shells were being collected by Cherry.

    Then it came.

    Wind howling, rocks crashing . Nothing or no one could save her.

  13. ED

    As the wind was blowing against my bright red cheeks I could feel the tide coming closer and closer to my feet as if it was calling me saying “come to me, come to me.” The sun was as hot as burning hot lava touching my body. All day and night I was picking shells. The water was calm, almost too calm. The seagulls were flying above me and every squawk had a really annoying high pitch noise that made me think that they were trying to tell me something, something important, something that I really needed to know. I was just so confused…

  14. lm

    It was the sandiest of beaches deep in the heart of America. People from all over the world came to enjoy the amazing beach. It had sand dunes which were as big as a mountain. The golden sand glistened in the always gleaming sun. Every day the soft waves tickled the always brilliant sand. As the waves rolled in calmly the young children always went down to the warm sea to play and splash around.

  15. ellie p

    The sea was beautiful. Calm and perfect, it swallowed up the hot sand. The birds were quaking in the distance as they flew gently overhead, it was almost as if i was up there with them letting the air breeze under my arms and as i was gliding over the deserted beach. The cliff that parted the beach from Boat Cove was gleaming from the reflections of the bright, burning sun that appeared to be smiling down upon us. Mum and dad and my four brothers retired into the cottage to pack for home.

    The sky turned grey. The motionless sea became angry and threw itself against the cliff! I dropped my beloved shells in awe and devastation, had the end begun? The sun was masked by the grey blobs of doom forcing out fast droplets of icy cold rain, drenching me, soaking me to the skin.

    The sea crashed against me …..

  16. Tahlia

    The atmosphere was too calm, almost too calm. The enclosed beach was silent,as the bright ball blinds you when it emerges; it rises like a yellow lollipop floating above the horizon.However,the moist sand started to harden, the clouds started to collide like tombelling , strong elephants crashing into each-other. Unsoothing, a horrific breeze rustled through Cherry’s hair. How her perents would be worried sick. The darkness whispered the horrible feeling she hated to admit: scared, mad and humiliation. The tide line would take the 11 year old girl away, not regardless to the storm ahead of her…

  17. g.johns

    Wow! Your setting descriptions are fantastic to read. I think that you have worked really hard on them. Keep up the hard work Y6.

    Mrs J

  18. T.k

    The sun was bright, the whole beach was full of people. There was only a slight breeze blowing Cherry’s hair. Cherry was looking for shells in rock pools her brothers swimming past once every five minutes. She was surrounded by rocks, not just any rocks, giant rocks. The sea was calm, calmer than she had ever seen it before.

    Then the sky went dark!

    It gradually went darker and darker (unseen by cherry) until it was pitch black, the clouds were a parade in the sky. Only the drop of temperature made Cherry look up. She new something was going to happen, but she did nothing.

    Then the waves came…

  19. O.k

    I was happily skipping along Boat Cove Beach, having a brilliant time, collecting pink cowary shell which were magnificent. The warm soft sand between my toes was soothing and relaxing. The huge rocks separated the rock pools and the sea creates homes. The sea was calm, almost too calm. The firey sun sent the seagulls snoozing for the day. The beach was deserted as the blistering heat had got too much for every one else. The private beach was all mine! I thought to my self nothing will stop me now from getting 150 shells to create an impressive giants necklace.

    Suddenly without realising it the sky was pich black and the calm, blue, clear sea was now angry. BOOM CRASH BANG! against the spikey rocks. I was
    terrified and all alone. What should I do now?

  20. L.A

    The beach felt as soft as a pillow between Cherry’s toes. Cherry, who was 11, was carefully finishing her shell necklace. The necklace showed all the colours of the rainbow in the sunlight. She was enjoying the feeling of calm on the beach and felt safe and warm from the sun. Suddenly the sun started to fade. A mysterious dark cloud suddenly appeared and masked the sun like a magician’s cape. The wind started to howl and blow stronger and harder, like a tornado breaking everything in its path. Cherry now felt as cold as ice. The once calm waves, now crashed violently against the ragged rocks and started to cover the whole of the beach. Cherry grabbed hold of her necklace tightly to stop the wind from stealing it.


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