Half Term Homework

Hi Year 6

You have been learning this week about the human body and how we function. Your homework over half term is to write a post for the blog explaining who you think is more amazing-Humans OR Computers. (We would like to see at least 150 words!!)

Remember to use the features of persuasive texts you have learnt about this year to help with your answer.

Enjoy your well earned break!!

Mr Rigby/Mrs Gamston

16 thoughts on “Half Term Homework

  1. M.H

    I think humans are more amazing because we won on man vs machine day at school and it was really good. It was fun and exiting too. It was cool when we played on the iPads and ds. It was funny because Mr Tomson knew what minecraft was and said I know how long it was after eatch day on minecraft. It was really really fun.

  2. IB

    Humans are so much better than computers, this is because on man vs machines day we won and also another fact is that the human body heals its self, whether as computers get fixed by humans.

    The Human Heart is amazing. It has four chambers: the right atrium; the left atrium; the right ventricle and the left ventricle. The Circulatory System is very import to the human body – i bet a computer does not have a Circulatory System – the blood goes around the body in an aorta. De-oxygenated goes from the part of the body to the heart and then from the heart to the lungs, the lungs then give oxygen to travel around the body, but first before it does that big task the blood needs some more oxygen from the heart then the oxygenated blood goes to the part of the body. Amazing right!

    A computer gets upgrades. Guess who by? Humans. So they can’t be better. The human body is fascinating. A computer only gives you games and facts about things. Does a computer have a Circulatory System (no) does a computer have a heart (no) can a computer walk (no). That is why humans are more amazing and i think that you would agree.

  3. SA

    I think man beats machine because machine does not have its own thought and emotions like man does. Man-made machine, the machine is only told what the man allowed it to do. In the end the man is obviously smarter and more powerful because they created something that works wonders.
    Man makes machines. Machines are the robot of the thoughts, ideas, and skill of man. Even once built, it takes mankind to repair and keep them. Without man there is no need for or use for machines and they would never have been built to begin with.
    Machines have a code that they have to follow. we don’t. If a problem happens, we can think of a solution. A machine does not have that capability. Because of this code, machines are not as flexible in an assembly line or life as we are

  4. IH

    I think humans are better than machines because humans made the machines. On man vs machine day both classes won. An interesting fact is that ourselves can heal us and make us think, computers however are programmed and are fixed by humans. We learn and computers are updated.

    The human body has a heart and brain a machine has just a bunch of wires attached to each other. We have a Circulatory System and I bet machines don’t have that. So that’s why man is better.

  5. L.A

    I think man is better than machine. Man designed and made the machines in the first place. Without man machines wouldn’t exist.

    Also, unlike machines, humans have thoughts and feelings and we are able to think for ourselves. Machines can only do and think what they have been programmed to do. When a machine is broken, if it cannot be fixed by man, that is the end of it. A human life will live on in future generations.

    Man is needed to switch on a machine to give it power, and can switch it off when it is no longer needed, therefore man will always be in control. Man developed machines to make life easier, but is fully capable of living without them.

  6. tk

    I think that human beings are by far better than computers. Our hearts power our bodies and pump at around 45-58 beats per minute at rest and computers, which are powered by battery’s, don’t do anything at rest. So our bodies do a lot more than computers so we are more advanced and original than machines. Although computers (a battery powered machine) are amazing, humans have a lot more good features, like humans are all original and different were as computers are all made in the same way and do the same thing. So humans are unique and are more original than machines. Also machines are powered by human beings and cannot work without us pressing keys and moving the mouse. So computers are run by human beings and are created using human knowledge and skill. One outstanding similarity between humans and computers, is that both humans and computers are made by humans.

  7. CM

    I also agree that humans are better than computers because on that Friday,which was very exiting, knowledge was shown when we beat the computers in man v machine.

    How does a computer get fixed?Exactly. We humans have to replenish their battery and fix them if they have a virus so that proves a point.
    Does a computer have a circulatory system? No!! We have one so that we can stay alive and a computer just has some silly wires to connect to its self.

    So overall I am stating that humans are much better as we are all unique and special in all our ways.

  8. DT

    Humans only have one life but computers can be re fearbished. Although computers lost in our comptishon in school, they can still do things what we can’t do,for example, once programmed work so much quicker than our brain or body to do tasks.
    Humans can do thing like learn ,rember,grow up and have feelings but computers can calculate things faster and work harder but they can break like humans, however computers can be fixed or replaced by a new and faster model.
    Although computers can do a wide variety of tasks, without us inputting infomation into them, they would be useless! Therefore in my opinion I think humans are more amazing.

  9. AS

    Man is clearly better than machine because of these three reasons:

    Man created machines, but machines are unable to create real humans or virtual humans without being used by humans. This makes them unable to control themselves without being used by humans or being programmed to do something. For example you are using your hand to scroll reading this text.

    Humans can fix each other whereas computers can’t fix each other without being programmed or fixed with a human’s help. Machines wouldn’t even exist without humans creating them, and wouldn’t get fixed without humans fixing them. Therefore they wouldn’t be able to even exist without us.

    The final reason why we are better than machines is because we can experience emotions and machines can’t. This means machines can’t understand the full meaning of life. They can’t have friends or family, they can’t eat yummy food, or have a family gathering because they have no family. Computers don’t really have a proper life so humans are much better.

    Humans are definatley better than machines.

  10. E.Du

    I think people are more amazing than machines because we can control our selves, but machines can only be controlled by buttons. That means that our body is more clever than machines. Machines have no feelings or emotions whereas humans do.This means that machines haven’t experienced love, feelings or emotions like us.
    The only similar thing about man and machine is that we are both made by humans.

    So I say that man is better than machine.

  11. g.johns

    Great points made year 6, you’ve made me think about which is the most amazing. I think I agree with you that the human body is more interesting and amazing than technology, although technology is the future. Mrs J

  12. TJ

    Humans are more amazing than machines because we had a man vs. machine day at school and we took part in games on our gadgets to see who was better. From all of this it came in on a conclusion that humans were better than machines! Both classes won and that shows how much better we are. Also computers are programmed to be like us and to charge them we use a battery or a wire , but we get charged by sleeping . Interesting fact , the name ‘computer’ was actually a name for people who did math problems all day !

    So that’s why I think that we are much better than machines!

  13. o.k

    I think that humans are so much better than computers ( we have fealings ) which computers dont have. Humans have lots of differnt fealings such as love,hate,happy and anger. people dont us we control are selves where as we control computers. on man vs machine day we clearly beat the computer at most of the games. Humans make computers so we are better because we put all of the infomation on the computers and with out humans computers would not exsist.

  14. JS

    I think humans are more amazing than computers because there is still al lot about the brain that doctors don’t yet know about. Human can feel emotions but computers can’t and humans can remember things from years and years ago but if a computer crashes it can lose all the memory that can not be recovered. The human brain can work even when we are asleep because we dream but a computer is not doing anything when it is switched off. Computers can run out of battery but us humans can keep going and we don’t have to be plugged in. After all hum\ns did invent computers.

  15. EP

    Why are humans better than computers? my opinion is that when we look back in time the very first mechanical analog computers where designed and created by humans, to help fight the defence of our country in the second world war and was a human invention not an artifical intelligence design, which computers are! Throughout the years research and advances in computer technology has only improved computers, this again is a human act, the computer in my opinion assists the intelligence of a human, without this then improvements- for example research into medical treatments can not be done.
    However due to the fact that computers now are advanced machines are they better?

    The computer has a huge memory bank that stores documents that can be retrieved at any time. with the invention of the internet through the computer allows us to be supported through everything! Like education and learning. The human brain can not store the same amount of information like a computer or calculate advanced maths sums and get the correct answer right away. Or be able to send important messages asap for example emergency contacts i.e by the use of phone technology.

    Therefore maybe the answer is that computers are better than humans because they are giving us humans the intelligence to improve the future…

  16. Alec

    I think humans are more amazing because we won on man vs machine day. Humans can also heal them self but machines have to be fixed.


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