Year 6,


Can you share what you have learnt this week in our Standish geography topic, using geographical features?

Mr Rigby and Mrs Gamston

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  1. tk

    That a Standish map compared to a Manchester map looks very small ,but there are some similarities like all the shops are on the inside and the houses are on the outside.

  2. EDu

    I’ve learnt that Standish, although it’s small, has many historical features such as: Saint Wilfrids Curch and a 14th centery well. Also a new fact [for me] is Standish is made up of two old english wods stan, meaning stone, and dish ,meaning park. So people used to call Standish Stonepark.

  3. Kb

    I Have learnt that although standish looks small compared to other towns, there are many people who live there and it is actually quite big. I also learned that there used to be a mine in standish and that Standish was founded in 1206.

  4. O.k

    This week at school I have learned about all of the different symbols on a map and that there are different symbols which stand for different things. I have coloured in the Standish map and used google maps to help me. At the bottom of the map is a key. The key explains what the symbols mean were abouse the houses, shops, parks and lots more are in standish.

  5. MT

    I have learned that Standish’s name means Stone Park ,which may have contributed to our mining history
    in Wigan , I also learned about how we have changed the terrain in the modern age because previously my house was a woods but now you would never guess that would you ? Also ,near by are: Winter Hill,A foot hill of the Penines and Parbold Hill . Plus a 45min drive from the actual Penines.

  6. PG

    This week I have learnt that Standish is on the A49 between Chorley and Wigan. St Wilfrids church is a grade 1 listed building, which means it is very important, and can’t be knocked down. The name Standish has been changed 6 times over many years. It has been named: Stanedis, Stanediss, Standissh, Stanedich, Stanedissh and Standisch.

  7. AC

    This week Standish has been our topic and I have learned that compared to Manchester Standish is very small town and has many popular landmarks like St. Wilfred’s church and many more. Although you would not expect Standish to be big, the population is 1700 residents in the area, but it is getting bigger. This is why the council are building more houses.I have been living at Standish all my life but I have learned a lot about the geography perspective of Standish that has really helped me


  8. LA

    I learnt that Standish is a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, Greater Manchester. I also learnt that Standish has an remarkable history, did you now that Standish means Stone-park?

  9. CM

    I have learnt about the ordanance survey maps (OS maps for short) and that the scale of difference is hugely populated in Manchester unlike Standish. There are many similarities such as: the schools are all spreaded to ensure that people can get to schools; a majority of the shops are located in the middle,but still some are spread and that we have many road links.

  10. FH

    Over the last past week I have learned many things about standish, so I am going to share two of them.The first fact I learned was that there are 3 primary schools and one high school.The schools are St Maries,St Wilfreds and WoodFold.The second fact was about the Standish map.If you compare the Standish map to the Manchester map you will notice a big difference in size. Standish looks tiny compared to Manchester.

  11. M.H

    I know how to get to school quicker and longer so I can take shorter and longer routes so it is realy helpful for me. I know more places so I can go becouse I know how to get there now. I Even know where more of my friends live so I can walk there and play with them more. So it was realy fun as well my partner was realy confident and so was I.

  12. Amber

    I learnt that Standish was involved in the mining industries.
    I also learnt that Standish is mainly built next to fields, which are mainly large.

  13. EP

    I have learnt this week that Standish is a lot bigger than what you think because when we did the big maps in groups there was lots of estates and shops on the sides of the roads. Also I found interesting seeing different places in Standish that I never knew about and how close some things are. I never knew that the St Wilfreds church in Standish was a land mark and that Standish means stone park. Did you know that the famous sign for Standish is the owl and the rat.

  14. IH

    I have learnt that even though Standish looks small a lot if people live there and there are a lot of buildings. We have not only learned about Standish we have learnt about how to read a map. We also went on the netbooks and reasearched on google maps. I found it all very interesting and a bit confusing at first now though I am very skilled.

  15. lm

    I have learned how to calculate the density of a city\town to show how cramped a place is for example Cumbria is a lot less cramped than London.

  16. krf

    This week has been really fun. Standish was our topic, I am sure that every one has learnt a lot about our town. But I have learnt that Standish has a lot of interesting history, like our mining history. I have all so learnt that St Wilfids church is a 1 listed building, which means that it can’t be knocked down.


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